Why I Created Mom 2 Mom

Getting pregnant at 21 I was heartbroken. Yes, I know...I was an adult but I was a young adult who had just become legal to drink, who was still in college, who was involved in various organizations, and let’s be honest I was more worried about having fun! I cried every day for the first five months of my pregnancy and because my boyfriend was deployed and I was attending school out-of-state I felt really alone. My friends were so supportive and I probably would not have made it through my pregnancy without them.

Once I had Alora it was a huge adjustment. My mom came down to help me for about a week and my boyfriend’s family lived 20 minutes away, but when everything was said and done it was always just Alora and I. I was a full-time student finishing up my last semester of undergrad, I went back to work part-time seven weeks after having her, and I was dealing with not having her Dad around for support. Those first four months were a struggle and once her Dad finally got home I was able to realize just how bad my mental health had become.

I journaled throughout my entire pregnancy and it helped. So I decided to compile my thoughts and experiences in the hopes of helping other young or first time moms who are struggling as well. Mom 2 Mom is a community where you will hear about my experiences and be encouraged to speak about your own. We’ll tackle motherhood, relationships, and lifestyle so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to Mom 2 Mom!

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