Transitioning into the "Terrible Twos"

In just a short couple of days, my daughter will be 2! I know they say the “terrible twos” are one of the hardest years you’ll have as a parent, but what about the time leading up to them?

For the past month, Alora has been different. The changes have been subtle but it’s like she woke up one day and she decided I’m going to be extra difficult today lol. We have days where she will wake up, cry, and have a full meltdown all before we get out of bed. In my head, I’m like “you just woke up!! How are you upset already?!?”, but I try to figure out what’s wrong and we go from there. Sometimes I simply just say “okay, let’s lay down and start over” because that’s all she needs, and other times I just turn on Cocomelon and her mood is instantly better. It’s literally a learning process and most days I fail. I saw all of that to say this, as your child transitions to a toddler, we have to remember that it is a BIG deal for them as well! They are learning so much more and with that comes a lot of emotions that they don’t really know how to deal with! I am an emotional human being by nature and from the looks of it Alora will be too, so I have to treat her how I want people to treat me. Also, even though she’s only (almost) two I have to take her feelings into consideration.

I knew when I became pregnant that I wanted to be an understanding parent who tried to explain to her when she was wrong rather than just yell at her. Sometimes I struggle with being conscious parenting but I know that’s the best way to handle her. I speak about it sometimes on my Instagram and my mom community always gives the best advice, so if you’re struggling don’t ever feel like you can’t speak to someone about it!

Mamas when you find yourself frustrated with your little one(s) pause, take a deep breath and remember they have feelings too, and if that doesn’t work just lock yourself in your closest and say a prayer. I pray for patience for myself and Alora every day, but if you find yourself having a really difficult day then lock yourself in the bathroom and let it all out, pick yourself up, and start over. You got this!

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