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Updated: Apr 15

Alora came out of the womb with a head full of hair and thank God that she did because the heartburn I experienced all throughout my pregnancy was the absolute worse lol! She’s now two and her hair is so thick and she has so much and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming!

I struggled to find products for her hair because it gets dry very fast and it doesn’t hold moisture. My hair is similar in the fact that it’s really thick and can be really dry. As a kid, my mom used Just For Me Kids so I went with what I knew and used the same for Alora! Up until she was about two I used the Just For Me Kids Natural Hair Milk line and I loved it, but her hair still wasn’t holding moisture so I switched to the Curl Peace line and it is amazing!

For my mamas who dread wash days, these hair care products make my life a little easier. The pre-shampoo detangler makes washing/combing through her hair 10x better and the hair and scalp butter keep her hair moisturized. I typically wash her hair every 2-3 weeks on Sunday and style it as well. Then every 5-6 days I restyle and grease her scalp and so far that’s working. If you’re having a hard time trying to grow your little one’s hair, keep it moisturized, or find new ways to style it check out these tips below.

Hair Care Tips for Toddlers

  1. Don’t wash it every week. Doing this will actually dry out their hair and make it harder for you to manage it.

  2. Grease their scalp. Greasing the scalp is essential to keeping their hair moisturized. Don’t do it every day, but every 3-4 days is good.

  3. Invest in wash day products. I’ve figured out that having things such as a water bucket and scalp massager make wash days go a little more smoothly. The bucket keeps the water out of her face and the scalp massager makes combing through easy!

  4. Find styles that last more than a day. I refuse to do Alora’s hair everyday lol it’s just a battle we’re not going to fight, so instead, I find styles that will last me at least three days. I do touch them up every morning but for the most part, I can get a good 4-5 days out of a hairstyle!

  5. Find products that work and stick to them. I probably won’t change Alora’s hair care products until she’s way older because Just For Me Kids keeps her hair growing and I’m not going to break something that’s not broken lol.

Hopefully, these tips help! To see natural hair tutorials for toddlers follow me on Instagram @ciaramom2mom!

You can also shop for all the products mentioned and the hair utensils I use on my Amazon storefront!

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