The "Snap Back" Doesn't Happen Overnight

"I FINALLY got back into the gym and boy does it feel good……..

Who am I kidding? I am in terrible pain. Everything hurts, I worked out muscles that I didn’t even think I had any more, and I am TIRED! Today I had my first workout in a little over two years. I am very proud of myself for finally working out again, but I am exhausted and frustrated with my body. I know people get sick of hearing this, but a woman’s body after giving birth is not the same. For starters, the boobs that I gained from breastfeeding are sickening. It’s not like they were small, to begin with, but they have grown at least another cup size and let’s just say I have to go shopping for new sports bras. My legs and thighs just feel different, my ENTIRE body feels different and I do not know how to fully explain it. My workout was nothing too brutal, but every workout I did I felt it everywhere. I could tell you exactly where I felt pain and where I was going to be sore the next day, but I was also excited to be feeling that pain. In the back of my mind, I was just excited to be doing something for myself that made me feel good on the inside and outside"

I wrote this in my journal after the first workout I had after giving birth to Alora. Reading it now I laugh because I definitely stopped working out not even two weeks after that. As moms it is so easy to get off track, especially when it comes to doing something for ourselves and let's face it, working out is always the first thing to go. It's always "I don't have time" or you're always doing something for your kids. Here I am a year later FINALLY working out on a consistent basis and creating healthy eating habits for myself.

Mamas, do not be afraid to get back into the gym and do things that make you feel good and do it at your own pace. It took me two years to finally decide to make this change, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking you a little bit longer to get back to yourself.

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