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I absolutely love matching with Alora and I'm going to continue to match with her as long as she allows it! We've been matching since she was around 7 or 8 months old! Matching with your little one or your entire family makes for the best family photos! For me, I put a lot of time and energy into looking, shopping, and styling us, and while we may wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts, but when we pop out....we POP OUT lol! I feel like I've developed a strategy when it comes to shopping for matching clothes and I wanted to share them with my community!

First things first everything I'm about to say can go for finding matching outfits for both mommy and me and family! Most of the places I shop sell both!

My go-to store is Old Navy! If you know me or follow along on my Instagram then you know that I STAY in that store! It is my go-to and I will forever ride for them! The majority of our mommy and me outfits come from here!

I will say that for me it's a lot easier to go in the store to shop for our clothes because I need to see the prints in person and it just makes me feel better to shop in the store! You can shop online for your matching clothes! They actually have a section for that specifically which is great, especially when shopping for your entire family! Old Navy has matching fit throughout the year so I highly recommend them for any time of the year!

You can never go wrong with Target! When I shop for our clothes here, I typically look for coordinating outfits. I find that it's a little harder to find matching fits because they don't do a lot of mommy and mini outfits, but here recently they have created a mommy and me fashion section! They have dresses and all the accessories and it's perfect! If you're looking for outfits for the family, you can find coordinating pieces too!

Those are my top two places to shop, but I definitely recommend SHEIN, Fashion Nova, Pat Pat Clothing, Amazon, and many more! Matching can be fun, but the shopping aspect not so much so I hope this blog helped. If you'd like to hear more about how I shop check out my talk about mommy and me fashions!

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