Homeschool vs. Preschool: What works for you is best for you!

With COVID-19 not calming down anytime soon and the start of school looming over us, it has left many teachers, parents, and administrators thorn. As a first-time parent I have already struggled to make decisions for Alora, but this isn't making it any easier. Before COVID levels got high Alora was attending daycare and when we moved back to Texas in May I made the decision to send her to preschool once the school year started and I've decided to go through with it. Yes I know, that she is a child and her immune system isn't fully developed, but here's the reality... having her at home while I'm trying to focus on school, work, and her just isn't working for us! Not to mention she is sick of being home!!! She's a little under two so it's not like I can explain to her what's going on. After virtually seeing and hearing the precautions the preschool is taking, I feel 100% better with my decision.

I know that it is an uneasy time for parents and whatever decision you make will be the best for you and your child. Don't feel pressured to make your decision based on what others are doing! If you are sending your kids back to daycare, preschool, or school then do it and don't feel bad. I get it, teaching your kids and working a full-time job is A LOT and it really makes you appreciate teachers and administrators that much more! If you have decided to homeschool more power to you! Either way, your child will have the best education in the safest environment possible. Say a prayer and leave it in God's hands. They will be okay.

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