Finding Time For My Faith

Can I be honest with y’all for a second, I literally am struggling with finding time for my faith and that stresses me out! When I found out I was pregnant I was so angry because it derailed me from all my plans and I can honestly say that I fell off when it came to talking to God. I just really didn’t understand why having a baby at 22 was in the plan and how this was supposed to help me. Flash forward to now and my relationship with Him has gotten so much better, but now I’m having an issue finding time specifically for Him and that is just not okay!

I am a person who likes some type of structure. I rely heavily on my planner and google calendars to help me stay organized and because of that, I plan out my day. The goal is to always have time for me to read my devotion, pray, and just talk to God without any interruptions but I am nowhere near a morning person and here lately it has been a struggle for me to stay up later to spend the time. After going to work all day and coming home to Alora…when it’s time for bed I’m exhausted and I’m more worried about getting her to sleep so I can go to sleep more than anything.

Don’t get me wrong I still say my prayers because that’s something you can do anywhere, but I am still craving my alone time with Him. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m definitely going to try different ways to carve out extra time in my schedule because at the end of the day I wouldn’t be busy without Him and I should never be too busy for Him.

As moms, we wear so many hats and we often struggle to make time for the things we want. This weekend I’m going to challenge you to carve out some time to read your devotion, pray, or just speak to God by yourself. If that’s something you already do, tell me how you make time to do so in the comments below!

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