Finding A Balance

People ask me all the time how I balance it all and I figured it was time to finally answer the question, but before I break it all down I think it's important for you to know that I don't have the cheat code to balancing life! Hell if being honest most of the time I am SURVIVING and not thriving and that is totally okay! So now that you know that I struggle weekly, I can break down the whole "balance" thing!

I'm a mom, business owner, content creator, and I have a full-time job. Every time I say this out loud I get stressed! Like sis, why did you do this to yourself, but the reality is I wouldn't have it any other way! I absolutely love being a mom, but I could NEVER be only that. Wearing all these hats makes me happy! I've always been a busy person so this isn't new to me! The first tip I will give is you have to be passionate about all the things you are trying to balance! You need to truly enjoy all of your activities because if you don't then something will fall. All of the things I do I really like and remember I like to be busy so this works for me!

My second tip is to prioritize your life! For me, I'm a mom first and I will always try to be present for everything for Alora. I've always said I want to be that mom who's a part of the PTA and brings home-baked treats, and who's a successful career woman and I am going to keep that thought in my head for the rest of my life! Somedays I'm not going to make the meeting because she wants my attention. Sometimes I'm going to stay up super late to get things done because we spend a lot of time together at night. She's only two so I'm trying to cherish all of the moments I have with her. Also, she is my WHY! I work so hard so that she won't ever want or need anything! That's also a big big thing! You need to have a WHY? Why are you trying to do all of these things? Why do you need to find a balance? Answering those are going to help!

This next tip is my absolute favorite and it may be the most important! USE YOUR PLANNER AND CALENDAR! Let me tell you cannot do multiple things without planning out your days! I plan monthly, weekly, and daily! If it's not in my planner, it's not getting done! My friends always joke and say I'm going to send you a calendar invite because they know how I am! I set reminders in my phone, write in my planner, and have all of my google calendars synced. This helps me balance my days and I'm able to maximize my time!

I really use these tips to function, but I want to reiterate that I am literally just surviving my days! I cry at least once a week and sometimes I get burnt out and I'm forced to take a break. It is so so hard to be a full-time mom and do anything else! You have to find a balance for YOU! What works for me may not work for you!

So I want to know how you find your balance?

Drop it in the comments!

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