Having true genuine friends is so important. I'm very lucky and blessed to be surrounded by great friends from every stage of my life! My friends were in the room with me when I gave birth They are the ones who held my leg as I pushed, took me home from the hospital, kept me company so I wouldn't go insane, and kept Alora when I didn't have anyone else too! I'm so grateful for them and I will forever be thankful but let me tell you something...I am even more grateful for my mommy friends!

My friends without kids are the very best, but my mommy friends understand my daily struggles! You ladies understand what I mean when I speak on #momguilt and the nap time struggles! You also understand that no matter how much you love your kids you need time away!

I'm lucky enough to have my high school friends now be my mommy friends and I love it! These are the people I shared big experiences in my life with, I grew up with, and people I consider family so to be able to share this journey with them as well is amazing!

I've also made new mommy friends who I love so much and it's almost as if we've always been friends! I say all of this to say, I cannot stress the importance of mommy friends!!! They are your support group who will usually understand any problems you're going through with your kids, PPD, or pregnancy! If you haven't found your mommy support system then please for your sanity...do it!

Huge shoutout to ALL of my friends! Thank you for all of your support and for keeping me sane! I love you guys more than you know!

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