All the Tea on my 4-Day Juice Cleanse!

So last week I decided to do a 4-Day juice cleanse with a local juice company, Magnolia Juice! The company was founded in January 2019, by Courtney Johnson of Dallas, TX! Her organic, handcrafted juices are made with fresh ingredients that nurture your body and mind. She has an array of juices on her menu which are dedicated to cleansing different parts of your body! With the juice cleanse you consume 6-16 ounce juices a day. I decided to choose the following juices from the menu:

1. Fiber Boost

2. Red Cleanse

3. Purify

4. Energy Boost (My personal favorite)

5. Liquid Gold

6. Recharge

I had completed a juice cleanse before with a different company so for the most part, I knew what to expect! This go around I wanted to document and share my experience because I feel like so many people want to do it, but they’re nervous about what happens during the cleanse! Also, being a mom and doing a cleanse is definitely different. Alora still had to eat so cooking food for her and making sure she ate her snacks while not eating myself was a bit challenging, but it’s not anything you can’t do so mamas don’t be discouraged!

First things first, yes you will be going to the bathroom A LOT, but it’s not what you think. While completing your juice cleanse you should drink a significant amount of water, so of course you are going to pee more than you normally do. During my four days, I didn’t consume any food and I drank a gallon of water each day. Day 1 was the HARDEST day of the cleanse. My taste buds had to get use to the taste of the juices. The very first juice I drank I wanted to puke, but only because my body wasn’t used to it. As the day went on drinking each juice became harder and harder because I either didn’t like the smell or the taste. It wasn’t until juice #4 that I felt okay. That was my favorite juice of the day and I felt like I could finish all my juices. I didn’t complete my juices until 10 pm that night. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to drink 6-16 oz juices a day. I mean that is a lot of juice!! By day 2 my body had adjusted and I was okay with the taste of all my juices. Granted there are some I just didn’t like, not because of the flavor but because I just don’t like certain veggies and that’s okay. Day 3-4 was a breeze because I had a system and I knew exactly what to do.

Juice cleanses are different for everyone’s body, but some things are the same. For starters, on the first day, you will have a tough time, especially if this is something you’ve never done before. You go from eating solids the day before to not eating at all and that is a pretty drastic change for your body. You need to drink as much water as you can throughout the day because this will help you stay full and it will help flush out your system. Understand that yes the cleanse will clean out your body and you will go to the bathroom but not every single juice will make you go. Courtney organized my juices for me and made sure to inform me of what each one would do. If you feel yourself getting hungry, you can eat it just has to be raw veggies, nuts, or something along those lines. You will probably lose weight, but understand that if you aren’t watching what you eat or working out after the cleanse, you will gain that weight right back. If you're nervous, don't be! You can choose to do a 2 day cleanse your first go around if you are still on the fence.

Everyone does a juice detox for their own reasons. I wanted to boost my metabolism, cleanse my system, and lose a few pounds in the process and my cleanse accomplished all those things. I lost 4.6 pounds in 4 days and my energy levels are high! I definitely recommend Magnolia Juice if you are in the Dallas area! You can check them out on Instagram: @magnoliajuice!

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