15-Minute Chex Mix

As a mom, we're always looking for quick snack ideas and if they can last a couple of days that's even better! A couple of weeks ago I made a Chex mix that takes 15-minutes to create and after you give it time to sit you can bag it up and feed it to your little ones for snack-time throughout the week!


* M & M's (Peanut or Regular or Both if you'd like!)

* Peanuts

* Mini Pretzel Twists

* Chex

* Bugles Original Flavor

* White Chocolate Chips

* Big Mixing Bowl

* Baking Sheet

Let's Create:

1. Pour your white chocolate chips into a small bowl and put it in a pan with water underneath. Turn your stove on low-medium. You don't want them to melt too fast or they will burn. Keep an eye on them.

2. While your chocolate chips are melting, grab a large mixing bowl and add in each of your ingredients! You can put as little or as much as you want! Just keep in mind the more you make, the longer you can make it stretch!

3. After you have mixed everything, add your melted white chocolate and stir.

4. Place the Chex mix on a baking sheet and sit in the refrigerator until your white chocolate is hard.

5. Enjoy!!!!

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